Smaller Company Services

Business startup

With your business ideas we can:
• Decide on a suitable structure for your business – this can be, e.g., as a sole trader, partnership or limited company
• Prepare a business plan – such as cash flow projection, budgets, trading forecast and assess your financial requirements
• Advise on the best sources of finance and drawing up the necessary proposals and deal with all the necessary registrations with the relevant authorities

Business planning

We begin by discussing your specific requirements, setting up appropriate accounting procedures and controls to ensure your accounts are kept up-to-date and compliant with statutory regulations.

Bookkeeping & accounting

We will discuss your specific requirements, ensuring that appropriate accounting procedures and controls to ensure your accounts are kept fully up-to-date and compliant with statutory regulations.

Payroll & CIS

As a business owner you may be required to maintain a payroll even if you only have one employee. A company is most likely to always need a payroll. This can be time consuming but the task can be made all the more difficult due to the growing complexity of taxation and employment legislation, penalties and non-compliance. We have a dedicated department which can relieve you of this burden, providing you with a comprehensive payroll service.


Value Added Tax is one of the most complex tax regimes imposed on a business. With the constant stream of detailed changes to the regulations and demands of HM Revenue & Customs, we can ensure that you do not pay more than you need to.

Company Secretarial

We will carry out all your company secretarial duties for you with Companies House.

Corporate Tax Planning

We will help you with your corporate tax planning and communicating with the tax authorities on your behalf.

International Services

Many businesses trade internationally. We will guide you with your accounting procedures for multiple currencies, import & export regulations, EU regulations, international tax and VAT, and double taxation relief.