Larger Company Services


Most businesses regard audit as being for larger businesses, but smaller entities can also require audit under different legislation. We can assist you with this as Registered Auditors.

Statutory Audit

An audit under the Companies Act is based on companies of a certain size that fall under the criteria given in the legislation. An audit is required if annual turnover is greater than £10 million and/or net assets exceed £3.26 million. This very often affects small property companies who would look to a smaller Registered Auditor to carry out the work to provide better cost effectiveness.

Charities Audit

Auditing a charity is required if income (in money or kind) exceeds £1,000,000. We provide an Independent Examination (if required) for smaller charities under the Charities Act 2016.

Management Service Charges

We can provide a service charge account audit certificate under Landlord & Tenant Act 1981 as well as preparing the necessary accounts.


A registered auditor is required to provide reports to Solicitors Regulation Authority under Solicitors Accounts rules 2011. Many small firms would prefer to work with a smaller firm.

Other Auditing Requirements

Where a different kind of audit is required, we can discuss your needs.